CannaPaws Full Spectrum Hemp Oil – Beef Flavor (30ml • 1000mg)


How do I give my pet hemp oil?
Option 1: Add the recommended dosage of drops to their wet or dry food.
Option 2: Apply drops directly to their mouth, this may be a challenge but can be more effective.
Option 3: Add drops to their favorite treat.

How long does it take for hemp oil to work for pets?
Like humans, it takes pets about 3–7 days to feel the noticeable effects. So if you don’t feel like it’s working right away — stick with it for at least a week before giving up. If you started at a minimum dose and don’t notice any changes within this time, try increasing the dose about every three days until your pet’s symptoms begin to subside.

I’m not seeing results, how can I adjust the dosage?
If you are not seeing results from the recommended dosage, you may want to double their dosage. We recommend giving your pet the starting dosage in the morning and then apply 5 drops to a treat until you reached the desired dosage.

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