About Us - Canna Paws CBD for Cats and Dogs
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About Us

All of our founding members are devoted pet lovers. For many years we and closest friends have enjoyed our pets as family members. After discovering the many medical and wellness benefits of cannabis products, in particular the many benefits of hemp CBD cannabis extracts and oils for pets we decided to develop and launch products tailored specifically for pets. We love our pets and like to give them the best quality of life as they are aging. Friends and family members have all been impressed with the improvements in the energy and overall wellness of our pets when CBD supplements are incorporated into their diets. Now we are dedicated to helping you bring these same benefits to all you as well as your pets as we have done in our families. Only the best quality raw materials and stringent manufacturing methods are utilized to bring our products to you. 

Dogs & Cats (Even Horses) Need CBD, Too.

CannaPaws developed a veterinary-tested Hemp CBD formula that is good for managing our pets’ pain and discomfort like recovery from injuries & surgeries, seizures, anxiety, and cancer, among others.

Like humans, mammals have an endocannabinoid system that responds to marijuana. That’s how we found out that if cannabis works as treatment for us, it should work as treatment for our furry friends, too.

Made in the USA.

CannaPaws is dedicated to providing products that improve the quality of our pets’ lives. We harvest our cannabis in California. Our products are made in the USA from premium CO2 oils, natural, organic and guaranteed butane and solvent free. All of our products are tested in Steep Hill and SC Laboratories and the results are printed on every package. We use a CO2 extraction process to remove any mold, pesticides, dead insects and a wide variety of negative attributes.

100% Organic Premium CBD Product. Guaranteed. Laboratory Tested & Approved.

We use full flower, organically grown high CBD strain cannabis infused with natural fish oil to make CannaPaws. A very small trace of THC ensures that our products are non-psychoactive (no “high”). Our all natural CBD products are made from fish oil and is whole plant extract certified food grade and approved by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.